Program of automobile voluntary insurance “Auto VIP”

Program of automobile voluntary insurance “Auto VIP”

“Auto VIP” program is a universal product of insurance of an automobile with composing conditions. Calculation of rate tariff is realized as an insurance calculator that automatically calculates the rate tariff depending on chosen terms of insurance and parameters on the insurance object, which influence on risk level.

Insurance objects are property interests of the Insurant (Insured) connected with possession, use and/or dispose of a vehicle and risk of its physical loss or damage as a result of loss occurrences.

Vehicles of category “B”, “D” and not older than 15 years for foreign cars and 10 years for CIS cars are accepted for insurance.

Optional equipment installed in a vehicle can be insured as well. The optional equipment cannot be insured separately from the vehicle it is installed in.

I. Complete package of risks include the following:

1. Loss (theft and pilferage);

2. Damage and/or total loss as a result of:

a. Road traffic accident;

b. Fire, explosion occurred as a result of external actions;

c. Natural disasters – earthquake, landslide, avalanche, ground subsidence, mud flow, lightning, flood, windstorm, hurricane, downpour, hail;

d. Another external mechanical actions (fall of sheet iron, snow or ice from roof, tree, "loose gravel" and stones or other solid objects from under wheels of a vehicle, etc.);

e. Actions of animals;

f. Unlawful acts of third parties (excluding pilferage), including damage of a vehicle as a result of theft;

g. Rollover, fall, drowning, failure under ice or road surface;

h. Damage caused by water as a result of water, sewerage, heating or fire-protection networks accidents;

i. Run over motionless or moving object (buildings, obstacles, fencing, animals, trees).

2. The insurance agreement can be concluded:
1. According to the complete package of risks;
2. According to the complete package of risks, excluding loss (theft, pilferage);
3. According to RTA and loss (theft, pilferage) risks;
4. According to RTA risk.

Optional equipment can be insured in accordance with the same risks as vehicle insurance it is installed in.

The insurance agreement as agreed by parties can include the following additional conditions:

1. In case of loss occurrence the payment is realized by invoice of a specialized service station (vehicles not older than 7 years);

2. Payment is realized without a document of an Authorized state agency upon condition that there was no damage to life and health of physical parties to the amount defined in the insurance agreement, the following versions are available: complete amount of damage; up to 300 000 tenge; up to 200 000 tenge; up to 100 000 tenge;

3. Paying tow truck services within 15 000 tenge;

4. Coverage of risk of side mirrors, wheels pilferage separately from the vehicle’s theft to the amount defined in the insurance agreement, with the following variants: up to 100 000 tenge; up to 200 000 tenge; up to 300 000 tenge; up to 400 000 tenge; up to 500 000 tenge.
Introduction of additional options in the insurance agreement is made by the supplement agreement according to the established form.
Amount of coverage under the Insurance agreement is fixed by the parties’ agreement and cannot exceed the market value of the property (vehicle, optional equipment) at the moment of conclusion of the Insurance agreement.
The market value* is defined as the cost of property of the same brand, model, year of issue in its place of location at on the day of conclusion of the insurance agreement.
Optional equipment can be insured to the amount not higher than 10 % from the value of vehicle.
*Market value of the vehicle must be at least 100 000 USD.

The “loss” and “total loss” risks are paid in the amount of 10% from the amount of coverage.

“Damage” risk is established on the Insurant option (in tenge):
- 0

- 50 000

- 100 000

- 150 000

- 200 000

- 250 000

If the Insurant wishes, it is possible to insure optics and supplement equipment (external light parts (headlights, direction lights, parking lights) mirrors, rear and side mirrors) within the chosen amount of coverage:

1. 250 000 tenge
2. 500 000 tenge
3. 1 000 000 tenge
4. 1 500 000 tenge
5. 2 000 000 tenge

Territory of insurance

On the Insurant option:


RK + 1 CIS state (name of the state)

RK + 2 CIS states (name of 2 states)

RK + 3 CIS states (name of 3 states)

RK + all CIS states