Many motorists, trying to save money, make only the policy of compulsory legal liability of motorists, because this is the law.
However, in case of RTA such policy can help to solve the problem with restoration of non-owned automobile. One will have to repair his own car at his own expense.

The policy of compulsory legal liability of motorists will not compensate for damage caused by theft, fire or theft of wheels, mirrors and other easily replaced parts of your car.
Besides the risk of RTA, there is danger that your car will be hijacked or side mirrors and wheels will be stolen by haters.

There are many threats and only one decision. It is MOD insurance.

We are offering you advantageous programs of vehicle insurance that will prevent You from unnecessary financial costs.
AUTO is a comfortable program that will make you confident in your own car during driving and on parking.
AUTO NARODNOYE program gives you an opportunity to choose the set of risks and pay insurance contributions by instalment.
AUTOVIP is a universal product of insurance of a vehicle with composing terms. Insurance premium is paid by instalment.