Voluntary insurance CHILDREN FROM ACCIDENT

Voluntary insurance CHILDREN FROM ACCIDENT

The most precious for parents is their children. It is difficult to be with a child all the time. Children in a kindergarten or at school, in park or in the yard can get hurt by accident. If your child longs to get to the roof of a garage or try all the possibilities of his favorite cycle, just insure him from possible injuries.

It is possible to insure Life and health of a child.


-to get financial support necessary for treatment and recovery of child’s health
-to pay surgery and/or provide comfortable stay in a hospital

What can be insured?
1.temporary dysfunction of the body;
2.dysfunction of the body that caused disability, with fixing category of “disabled child”;
3.death of the Insured.
The influence of the following external factors refer to an accident:
• Act of God;
• Explosion;
• Burn;
• Freezerburn;
• Death by drowning;
• Current effect;
• Striking of lightning, sunstroke;
• Assault of malefactors or animals;
• Snakebite, insect bite;
• Fall of some object or the Insured himself;
• Sudden choke;
• Foreign object in breathing passages;
• Sudden plants poisoning, chemical poisoning (industrial or household);
• Medicine, and injuries caused during movement of some vehicle (car, railroad, water and air) or by using machines, mechanisms, weapon and all kinds of tools.
• anaphylactic shock