Environmental insurance

Environmental insurance


Insurance is performed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Compulsory environmental insurance» № 93 –III ЗРК of December 13, 2005.
Compulsory environmental insurance covers the civil liability of physical and (or) legal persons performing environmentally degrading kinds of economic and other activities.
The list of environmentally degrading kinds of activities is established by the Order № 27 of the Secretary of State for Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 21.01.2015 (registered by the Ministry of Justice of 20.02.2015).

Object of insurance: proprietary interest of the person performing environmentally degrading kinds of economic and other activities, associated with his obligation to compensate for the injury caused to the life, health, property of third parties and(or) environment as a result of its accidental pollution.

Insurance agreement: shall be concluded in a written form on the basis of the Insured’s application by issuing an insurance policy.

If the Insured has insured his liability as an owner of hazardous installation, the compulsory environmental insurance agreement shall be concluded only as to civil liability insurance for causing harm to the environment.

The insurance agreement shall be concluded for 12 months and shall not cease to be effective upon occurrence of the first event insured.
Insured value and insurance benefit: 


Environmentally detrimental facility


Insurance rate (%)

Physical person, which is a private entrepreneur

 5 000


 0,76 – 2,65


Legal person


 65 000

In presence of compulsory civil liability insurance for owners of installations, the activity of which is associated with hazard of causing harm to third parties

 17 000

 0,59 – 2,05

Insurance benefit:
The amount of insurance benefit shall be determined by the Insurer on the basis of the sum of the affected person’s claim (the Beneficiary) or on the legally effective court decision about compensation for the harm caused.
The insurance benefit shall be paid by the Insurer within 30 days upon receipt of all the necessary documents.