Compulsory Insurance Of Civil Liability Of OWNERS OF VEHICLES

Policy of compulsory legal liability of motorists
Policy of compulsory legal liability of motorists is an insurance that all the motorists are obliged to have. This is the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About compulsory legal liability insurance of motorists” #446-II LRK dated July 01, 2003.

Police officers ask to present this document; in case it is not available one will pay a fine of 20 MCI (Monthly calculation index, 1 MCI – 2121 tenge).
README! Compulsory legal liability of motorists helps to avoid financial costs on recovery of property of another (car, house, store, bus stop complex, etc.). The policy guarantees payment to the injured party only, if you are blamed for RTA.

The cost of this insurance depends on the following:
• The territory of registration;
• The useful life of a car;
• Driving experience;
• Your age and accidence history.

There is a unified way of calculating the amount of insurance premium, which is defined by the Law “About compulsory legal liability of motorists”.

So, the cost of compulsory insurance for a certain car will be the same in all insurance companies. The currency of policy is 1 year.

How much will the insurance company pay to the injured party in case of loss occurrence?
• One car damage – up to 600 MCI*;
• Personal injury – up to 1 000 MCI.

*1 MCI=2 269tenge as of January 1, 2017.

If you have a policy of compulsory legal liability of motorists of JSC “Kazakhinstrakh”, you can get payment from our company according to the schedule of direct settlement.