Classic program

The most popular program for single trips with limits of reimbursement for dental care and medicines to 30,000 tenge. In addition, provided legal assistance to protect the rights of the insured , the organization of the return of minor children insured and, if necessary , visit a relative in the country of stay insured. The insurance premium - from 0.37 to 2.10 U.S. dollars / euros for each day of the trip . The program is designed for single trips.

Detailed conditions of CLASSIC program:
At conclusion of the insurance contract in accordance with CLASSIC program, in the event of sudden illness or accident, which occurred with the Insured in the country of temporary residence, the Insurer shall:

a) arrange provision of medical care to the Insured in the country of temporary residence and pay for the costs incurred in connection with it, including the costs for medical advice, emergency care, outpatient and / or inpatient treatment;
b) reimburse the cost of medicines prescribed by the attending physician in the amount not exceeding 30,000 (thirty thousand) tenges;
c) reimburse the costs associated with the provision of emergency dental care, due to the pain-relieving medication of natural tooth, in the amount not exceeding 30,000 (thirty thousand) tenges, namely:
extraction of natural teeth, but not more than 2 at a time, including treatment of pericoronitis, opening an abscess, tooth root resection, suturing;
denervation and removal of tooth pulp at the moderate and deep caries, including the cost of temporary filling materials;
surgical dental care at trauma of dentoalveolar apparatus (jaw dislocations, fractures of the jaw bones) due to an accident.

The exception not covered by insurance is: orthodontics, orthopedics, cosmetology, prosthetics and preparation for it.
d) arrange transfer of the Insured to one of the nearest hospitals in the country of temporary residence;
e) arrange transfer (evacuation) of the Insured by trip transport to the nearest international port of the country of permanent residence;
f) assist the Insured in initiating proceedings to protect his/her rights as a result of an accident, recognized to be the insured one and happened through the fault of a third party, in the amount of expenses incurred by the Insured , but not more than 600,000 (six hundred thousand) tenges;
g) transport the body (repatriation) of the Insured in the event of his/her death from the country of temporary residence to the nearest international port of the country of permanent residence.

In each case, decision to evacuate and select the type of transport is taken by agreement between the Insurer’s physician and the local attending doctor. Without this agreement the Insurer will not indemnify the costs of evacuation. The decision on the method of repatriation shall be made by the Insurer. The Insurer shall not cover funeral expenses;
h) in case of hospitalization or death of the Insured, arrange and pay for the costs for return of his/her children under the age of 18 if they are left unattended, from the country of temporary residence to home country. The Insurer reserves the right to use their ticket – to return the ticket at the carrier company and get compensation, or exchange the ticket for an earlier or later date for return of the children;
i) to pay two-way ticket for relatives of the Insured when the Insured person’s staying in hospital for more than 10 calendar days and in case of absence of any family member with him/her, provided that such presence is necessary.

What if urgently needed medical care

The insurance case in an unfamiliar country, it is no wonder confused . Do not try to cure or treat a medical institution before you put on notice service company , call the above number . Qualified to answer the call coordinator with extensive experience. You need to provide the following information :

Your last name , first name, policy number , expiry date of the policy.
What you are covered in the JSC " Kazakhinstrakh ."
The reason for seeking help .
Your location ( city, country ) .
Code and phone number to which the coordinator of the service company can contact you.

After calling the service company itself organizes the provision of essential health services and ensure their payment.

Avoid self- references to the doctor! Contacting the service company will protect you from fraud , undue cost , unskilled help!

For emergency medical and other assistance you need to contact with non-stop service center for assistance of the "Class - Assist" at the following numbers :

+7 812 644 72 92
+7 495 984 80 86

Additional universal number :

00 (800) 3333 72 92

besplatnyh1 for calls from the following countries:
Austria , Belarus, Belgium , Bulgaria , Great Britain ( BT2 ) , Hungary , Germany , Denmark , Israel (Golden Lines2), Spain , Italy (Telecom2), China , Latvia , Lithuania , Netherlands, Poland , Finland, France, Czech Republic , Switzerland , Sweden , Estonia

Additional besplatnye1 numbers in countries :

Russia : 8 ( 800 ) 333 72 92
Turkey : 0 ( 850 ) 252 63 35
Ukraine: 8 (800 ) 502 10 October
Thailand : 001 (800) 3333 72 92
Greece : 00 ( 800) 1612205 43 38
Egypt : 0 ( 800) 000 000 110
France : 0 ( 800) 906 876
Germany : 0 (800 ) 182 26 November
Finland : 0 ( 800) 914 455

1 free call is not guaranteed when using a cellular and / or payphone .
2 in the UK, Italy and Israel call is possible only with the lines of these operators .