Sport program

SPORT programissuitableforthose doing sportsandleisure. Limits on compensation for the value of dental care and medicines account for 15,000 tenges. The insurance premium is 0.56 to 3.43 U.S. dollars / euros for each day of the trip. The program is designed for single trips.

At conclusion of the insurance contract in accordance with the SPORT program, in the event of sudden illness or accident, which occurred with the Insured in the country of temporary residence, including during the competition, contests, tournaments and other sporting events, the Insurer shall:

a) arrange provision of medical care to the Insured in the country of temporary residence and pay for the costs incurred in connection with it, including the costs for medical advice, emergency care, outpatient and / or inpatient treatment;

b) reimbursethecostofmedicinesprescribedbytheattendingphysicianintheamountnotexceeding 15,000 (fifteenthousand) tenges;

c) reimburse the costs associated with the provision of emergency dental care, due to the pain-relieving medication of natural tooth, in the amount not exceeding 15,000 (fifteen thousand) tenges, namely:

extractionofnaturalteeth, butnotmorethan 2 atatime, includingtreatmentofpericoronitis, openinganabscess, toothrootresection, suturing;

denervation and removal of tooth pulp at the moderate and deep caries, including the cost of temporary filling materials;

surgical dental care at trauma of dentoalveolar apparatus (jaw dislocations, fractures of the jaw bones) due to an accident.

The exception not covered by insurance is: orthodontics, orthopedics, cosmetology, prosthetics and preparation for it.

d) arrangetransferoftheInsuredtooneofthenearesthospitalsinthecountryoftemporaryresidence;

e) arrange transfer (evacuation) of the Insured by trip transport to the nearest international port of the country of permanent residence;

f) assist the Insured in initiating proceedings to protect his/her rights as a result of an accident, recognized to be the insured one and happened through the fault of a third party, in the amount of expenses incurred by the Insured, but not more than 600,000 (six hundred thousand) tenges;

g) transport the body (repatriation) of the Insured in the event of his/her death from the country of temporary residence to the nearest international port of the country of permanent residence.

In each case, decision to evacuate and select the type of transport is taken by agreement between the Insurer’s physician and the local attending doctor.