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The object of insurance is the property interests of the Insured, related to the risk of loss (total loss) or damage to the vehicle, additional equipment installed on the vehicle.

For insuring accepted are the vehicles that are registered (subject to state registration) with the units of traffic police of the internal affairs authorities of Republic of Kazakhstan responsible for the registration of vehicles, or with other public authorities responsible for the registration of vehicles, as well as the ones temporarily being in the territory of Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Shall not be subject to insurance defective and/or dismantled vehicles. 

As additional equipment to be insured television, radio, video, communications and navigation systems installed on vehicles that are not included in the basic (“factory”) packaging arrangement, optional lighting, alarm, heating and other equipment of the passenger compartments.
No additional equipment shall be insured separately from the vehicle, on which it is installed. 

The sum insured under a contract of insurance shall be determined by agreement of the parties and shall not exceed the market value of the property (the vehicle, additional equipment) at the time of conclusion of the contract of insurance. 

The insurance premium shall be determined by the Insurer in accordance with the rates effective with the Company at the time of the contract of insurance based on the conditions of the contract and risk level assessment

The term of the insurance contract is established by agreement between the parties.


By agreement of the parties, the contract of insurance may be concluded as to the totality of the following insurance risks, individual risks and combinations of those:

1) loss (theft, embezzlement); 

2) damage and/or destruction (total loss) resulting from: 
а) traffic accident; 
b) an accident occurring in the territory immediately adjacent to the road and not intended for through traffic of vehicles (including yards of residential areas and businesses, parking lots, gas stations and other areas, excluding the areas, entry to which is forbidden, as indicated by the special signs and/or fencing);
c)fire, explosion, arising as a result of external influence;
d) natural disasters – an earthquake, landslide, subsidence, mudflow, lightning, floods, storms, hurricanes, rain, hail;  
e) any external mechanical impact (the fall of corrugated iron, snow or ice from the roof, pole, tree, jumping out of gravel, rocks and other solid objects from under the wheels of transport means, etc.);
f) actions of animals;
g) unlawful acts of third parties (excluding theft), including damage to the vehicle due to theft;
h) tilting, falling, flooding, falling under ice, falling under road surface;
i) damage by water, which was caused by failure of water supply, sewage, heating or fire network;
j) collision with stationary or moving objects (buildings, structures, barriers, fences, animals, trees), unless this collision was not with an obstacle/fencing that was specially installed by a third party to limit/or full stop of movement of any vehicles.
Under the additional agreement of the parties, the contract may include the risk of stealing of side mirrors, wheels separately from vehicle theft.
Additional equipment can be insured only against the same risks as the vehicle accepted for insurance, on which the equipment is installed. 
Insurance event shall be the occurred event provided by the insurance contract, which has involved the obligation of the Insurer to make insurance payment.

The risk of “loss” includes loss of a vehicle due to theft, robbery or unlawful takeover of the vehicle without theft (stealing).

The risk of “Damage” includes damage to the insured vehicle when the insured event occurs in which result its recovery is possible and economically feasible. 

The risk of “destruction” - is damage to the insured vehicle when the insured event occurred, in which result the recovery of the vehicle is not economically feasible. Here, under the destruction of the insured vehicle is understood the damage in case of which the costs of complete renovation as of the date of the insured event, will exceed 80 (eighty) percent of the sum insured in accordance with the acts of examination by the authorized agencies, organizations or experts with the appropriate license. 

When concluding the insurance contract, absolute or conditional franchise can be set.