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Railway transport insurance

Object of insurance is the proprietary interests of the Police-holder (Insured) associated with ownership, use, and disposition of railway transport.
The following railway transport is insured:
group 1 – box cars, platforms, open box cars;
group 2 – pellet carriers, wagons for automobiles, dumping cars;
group 3 – tank wagons, grain carriers, mineral carriers, container flatcars, soda carriers;
group 4 – cement carriers, container carriers, conveyers with up to 12 axles including, and other wagons not included into groups 1, 2, 3, 5, 6;
group 5 – refrigerator cars, conveyers with up to 16 axles and over;
group 6 – constant temperature wagons;
group 7 – other kinds of railway transport.

The risk of damage or destruction (loss) of railway transport caused by the following reasons is insured:

1) crash, accident, collision or running off the rails (both in trains and in shunting operations), collapse of tunnels;
2) fire, explosion and lightning strike;
3) storm, hurricane;
4) earthquake, volcano eruption, or underground fire action;
5) landslide, mudslide, mountain rockfall, flood, ground subsidence, whirlwind, hail, pouring rain;
6) theft, robbery, or wrongful acts by third parties;
7) falling of piloted airborne vehicles or fragments thereof or subjects from them;
8) violation of handling operations technology.

The risks can be applied as an aggregate or in any combination thereof.
Insured value shall be established in the amount of actual cost of the railway transport.
The insurance rate is established depending on the type of railway transport, territory of insurance, loss statistics, deductible franchise amount, insurance conditions, covered risks, etc..