Leaving for abroad

Leaving for abroad

Global insurance for those traveling abroad!

When getting ready for a long-awaited vacation, we make plans on how to spend the time, know new people, see sights dreaming of a pleasant pastime and positive emotions; and if it is an important business trip, we then think about meetings and negotiations. But different situations occur in our life, including those not very pleasant. Therefore, when going on a long trip do not forget to buy insurance for persons traveling abroad.
If, all of a sudden, you will need medical assistance in the journey, such an insurance policy would help to resolve potential financial problems. A small amount spent on the purchase of the insurance policy will be sufficient to cover the substantial costs of medical care in another country.
We offer a variety of insurance programs for tourists, sportsmen and businessmen. Managers of “Kazakhinstrakh” JSC will help you find the most advantageous and convenient insurance plan. And you can yourself calculate the cost of an insurance policy using the insurance calculator. Have a nice trip! 
The price of the insurance policy is relatively small, but it helps you not worry about things that can happen to your car. Peace of mind is much more precious.

What if the medical care is needed urgently

In the insured event in an unfamiliar country, it is no wonder to be confused . Do not try to cure or address a medical institution before you put on notice your service company, by call the given numbers. A qualified coordinator with extensive experience will answer the call. You need to provide the following information:

  • Your last name, first name, policy number, expiry date of the policy.
  • That you are covered in the Kazakhinstrakh JSC. The reason for seeking help.
  • Your location (city, country).
  • Code and phone number by which the coordinator of the service company can contact you.

After the call the service company itself organizes the provision of essential medical services and ensures payment for them.

Avoid self-references to a doctor! Contacting the service company will protect you from fraud, undue costs, unskilled help!